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A frequently asked question we get from customers is if we have support for filebrowser. At the time of writing, we don't officially support it, but it can be installed using a script a community member has written.

To follow this guide, you will need to SSH into your server. If you need help with this, please refer to the how do I connect article.


These tools are not officially supported. Please consider reaching out to our Discord for unofficial community-driven support on anything listed below.


This installer will use your existing username and a randomly generated password (or one of your choice) to secure filebrowser. Please consider reading the script on GitHub before running it. The installer will output a port number with how to access the filebrowser install on completion. Please remember this number.

bash <(curl -sL "")

If something goes wrong during your install, please consider checking the logs. You may find them by running the following:

less -r +G ~/.logs/filebrowser.log

These can be helpful in cases where you need to see the output from installation.

On first run, go to https://<>:<yourportnumber> to access Filebrowser. This should ask you for a login. You will also receive a warning about SSL, which can be ignored safely.

Controlling the Systemd Service#

systemctl --user start filebrowser


I Can't Remember my Port Number#

Run grep "[::]:" ~/.config/Filebrowser/filebrowser.log via ssh. This should respond with a line that looks like the following:

<date and time> Listening on [::]:16781
this is your port number ^

Viewing logs#


For application specific logs, consider running the following:

less -r +G ~/.config/Filebrowser/filebrowser.log

You can exit less by pressing q at any point.