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Welcome to the Documentation

These docs and the pages within are for the shared hosting platform at The guides and all knowledge contained here-in are only tested on the shared platform. All guides may work on the community edition, but you are provided no guarantees or warranties by following any information provided here. If you're looking for the community edition docs, please go here.


Welcome to the knowledge base! Here you can find answers to your common questions and documentation on how to install and configure the included applications for your services at

Please use the navigation bar to navigate the docs and categories. If you're on mobile you can also access the table of contents for the current article by clicking the three dots in your header.

Additional Help#

If you're having troubles with any of the items in the documentation you can either join us in Discord for a live chat (if available) or you can open a ticket in the client area. If you have a pre-sales question, please use this form.