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Export Deluge torrents to rTorrent

Deluge (v1 especially) isn't known for being the best optimized client out there, especially when you start to add a lot of torrents to your client. Thus, it can be beneficial to move torrents which have finished racing in Deluge over to rTorrent to seed in a client that is better optimized for resource usage. If only there were some way to trigger this automatically...

Enter the Deluge to rTorrent script!

Install the Dependencies#

First off, this method requires rtxmlrpc from the pyrocore tools suite, so let's go ahead and grab that now!

mkdir -p ~/bin ~/.local
git clone "" ~/.local/pyroscope

Perl requires a dependency for rtorrent-fastresume so let's grab that too:

cpan -fi Convert:Bencode_XS

Please be aware that the tests run by the build of this module can randomly fail. You can probably safely ignore this.

The setup will probably ask a few prompts:

Would you like to configure as much as possible automatically? [yes] yes
What approach do you want? (Choose 'local::lib', 'sudo' or 'manual')
Would you like me to append that to /home/username/.bashrc now? [yes] yes

Make sure you choose local::lib -- you don't have sudo permissions!

Now ensure all the changes we just made are loaded in your path and current session:

echo "export PATH=~/bin:~/.local/bin:${PATH}" >> ~/.bashrc
source ~/.bashrc

Create the pyrocore config to prevent errors being thrown at you:

pyroadmin --create-config

Setup the Scripts Responsible for the Work#

If it does not exist, create the ~/bin folder and change to the directory:

mkdir ~/bin
cd bin

Grab the supporting scripts and set execute permissions:

chmod +x
chmod +x

As a swizzin customer, you should not need to alter anything in either script.

Add the Script to Execute#

Now in Deluge, you'll need to enable the execute plugin and add ~/bin/ as an execute script on torrent completion. If this is your first time enabling the excute plugin, don't forget to restart deluge! (box restart deluged)

By default, the script is set to wait for 900 seconds (15 minutes) before moving your files. You are welcome to change this value at the top of the script.