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SABnzbd is an Open Source Binary Newsreader written in Python.

Initial Setup#

First you must connect to your slot via ssh. If you need help connecting to the server, please read the help article here.

Installing SABnzbd is easy. Simply issue the following command:

box install sabnzbd

This command will configure SABnzbd for your user.

How to Access#

After installation, you can access SABnzbd at the url: https://<>/username/sabnzbd/

The first time after installing SABnzbd, you'll be greated by a simple setup wizard.

Upgrading SABnzbd#

Since SABnzbd doesn't use any sort of internal update mechanism, you must check from time to time for updates. You can do this with the command:

box upgrade sabnzbd

Service Management#

Like all box configured applications, you can manage SABnzbd via SSH with box with start, stop, restart, enable and disable commands.

box start sabnzbd


If you are unfamiliar with SABnzbd, please check out their documentation for assistance in getting your news groups setup or learning how to setup post-processing.

Connect to other clients#

The general settings for connecting SABnzbd to other clients are as follows:

Control Port: 443
URL Base: /USERNAME/sabnzbd
API Key: Found in Settings > General
Username: <your slot username>
Password: <your slot password>

In some applications, such as Sonarr and Radarr, you may need to enable Advanced Settings to see the option to change URL Base.