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qBittorrent is an open-source alternative utorrent. It's written in C++ and uses Boost, Qt toolkit, and the libtorrent library to deliver a fast torrent client.

Intital Setup#

box install qbittorrent

This will install a tuned qBittorrent client from

How to Access#

Accessing the web-gui is simple, just append /qbittorrent to the hostname you've been provisioned on. For instance, https://<>/qbittorrent/.

Service Management#

Like all box configured applications, you can manage qBittorrent via SSH with box with start, stop, restart, enable and disable commands.

box start qbittorrent

Connecting to other Software:#

Connecting to a remote client (i.e. Sonarr)#

Open up the web-gui, as listed above. Click the settings gear icon located in the top left menu. Click Web UI, then copy the port number listed.

You can now connect to your qBittorrent instance through http://<>:<qbittorrent-port> with normal qbittorrent authenication measures rather than nginx-forwarded plain http authenticaiton.

Command Line#


These tools are not officially supported. Please consider reaching out to our Discord for unofficial community-driven support on anything listed below.

Some of our community members have written CLI interfaces for qBittorrent. We've included them below, along with install methods for each.

qBittorrent CLI#

qBittorrent CLI is a very powerful CLI written in go. You can read about it's features in the command reference. Essentially, it can

  • Add torrents to qBittorrent from file or magnet link. Useful in combination with autodl-irssi
  • Reannounce torrents for troublesome trackers
  • Set limits on how many simultaneously active downloads are allowed
  • Import torrents with state from Deluge and rTorrent
curl $(curl -sNL | grep -Po 'ht(.*)linux_amd64(.*)tar.gz') -L -o /tmp/qbittorrent-cli.tar.gz
tar -xvf /tmp/qbittorrent-cli.tar.gz --exclude={,} -C ~/bin/


qbittools is a feature rich CLI for the management of torrents. Detailed examples of how to use the tools are in the Readme. Some features are:

  • Adding
  • Unpausing torrents
  • Automatic Tagging of all torrents
  • Exporting torrents.
curl -Ls | bash -s -- -o ~/bin/qbittools



qBittorrent can be troubleshooted by checking the logs. If you need help connecting to the server, please read the help article here. You can view the log by SSHing into your server and running the following:

less -r +G ~/.local/share/qBittorrent/logs/qbittorrent.log

To exit less, press q.